What is LXC?

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LXC is an OS-level virtualization method that allows multiple Linux containers to run simultaneously on a single Linux kernel. Using a strong API featured with reliable tools, Linux users can deploy and manage system or app containers.

The main goal of LXC is to deploy container environments similar to a full Linux installation without the need to have a separate kernel.

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Shared Kernel Virtualization

Increase performance by taking advantage of the unique Linux ability to share a single kernel between containers on the same host OS.

Free Software

LXC is free, most of the software being released under the terms of the GNU LPGLv2.1, allowing for total transparency and customization.

Long term support

Canonical and Ubuntu provide the long term support releases of LXC to maintain a reliable product over a long period of time that is both reliable and secure.

Higher Density of Containers

Using a container based VPS allows for a density 10 times greater compared to a KVM, increasing the efficiency of resource distribution and a better overall performance.

Great value

Our LXC containers are easy to use and deploy, making them a favorite within the indie developer community and the DIYers that want more features on their web host but within the same budget. Suited for a wide variety of uses, we are proud to offer this type of VM at a great price without any performance downsides.

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We are experts in virtualization environments and enterprise system administration. Our main business goal is to provide high quality VPS hosting while continuously improving our services and the customer experience. We do not oversell our nodes, as we believe it is better to provide a higher quality VPS service at affordable rates instead of providing an unreliable and unstable service at low rates that are unsustainable for us. Our nodes are monitored 24/7 and our NOC team reacts instantly to performance degradations or technical problems.