New operating systems for KVM

When purchasing a VPS, choosing the operating system is an important step that might influence the whole process as well as the software located on the virtual machine.


When setting up their online infrastructure, many users do not take into consideration nor follow all steps needed to ensure a secure and stable hosting platform. The fact is, new vulnerabilities that can compromise your system are discovered daily and we will have to get used to this thought as the reality of this is not going to change any time soon. However, we can protect ourselves and our data against hacks and exploits by having a VPS that has the latest updates installed. But sometimes, software producers decide to release a new version that has enhanced security and optimized capabilities instead of patching old versions. Will you upgrade to the latest version, knowing that it takes time to update and optimize older software and can even break legacy programs that were deemed obsolete or too big a security risk to support?


Having a VPS that has installed an operating system patched with the latest updates means that your data is secured and you can run the latest programs and scripts on the VPS. Providing backward compatibility is cumbersome and sometimes not worthy, so software producers choose not to support older programs, forcing users to keep up with the latest trends to host their data. But sometimes that is not an easy thing to accomplish, especially when having hundreds of websites, databases and data to go through and check that nothing is broken. That is why web hosting control panels have been created, allowing you to manage, migrate and modify your websites across multiple platforms with little or no programming skills.

Looking forward to the future

Keeping up with the trends, we here at have decided to discontinue the support of Ubuntu 12 and Fedora 23 operating systems on our KVM VPS as part of our ongoing effort to provide a secure and modern hosting experience. In the same time, we have implemented Ubuntu 16 and Fedora 25, the latest versions of the same operating systems, that are loved and used by our users, enabling them to have a secure and modern operating system to host their data.

Taking care of your data is our job to allow you to focus on your business!

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